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Sustainability governance


Sustainability governance

Board of Directors

The Governance and Nomination Committee is responsible for overseeing corporate social responsibility (including health, safety and environment as well as sustainability), while ultimate responsibility for ABB’s sustainability strategy, its sustainability targets and its annual Sustainability Report lies with the entire Board of Directors. The Compensation Committee ensures that ABB’s remuneration policies are linked to the achievement of its sustainability targets.

Sustainability Board
(full Executive Committee)

Implementation of the strategy is led by ABB’s Sustainability Board, comprising the full Group Executive Committee. The Sustainability Board oversees policies and programs, reviews developments, and monitors progress towards targets.

HSE Council

The four Business Area HSE managers and the corporate HSE & Security function work together in an HSE Council that convenes twice yearly. The council reviews the function’s steering committees, approves and monitors the common Annual Plan, and assesses risks and opportunities for the company. The work of the HSE Council is overseen by the HSE & Security Board, which meets twice yearly to perform a management review and consists of the four Business Area Presidents, the CEO, the Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer and the Head of Corporate HSE & Security.

Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Board is advised by a Sustainability Council, consisting of the Group Head of Sustainability and representatives from our four Business Areas. The Sustainability Council’s purpose is to ensure alignment across Business Areas on the strategic direction of sustainability, common topics and sharing of best practices.

Business-level performance management

Efforts within the Business Areas are supported by a strong set of policies and procedures, along with sustainability leads in each Business Area and Division, responsible for driving the sustainability agenda and for representing the Division in Business Area and Group-wide discussions.

Topic-specific work groups

Thematic work groups are appointed by the Sustainability Council to provide expertise and develop methodologies on topics and initiatives linked to the sustainability targets. The work groups ensure their operational definition and implementation action plans. They share best practices and propose relevant KPIs.

Remuneration and incentives

In 2021, as in prior years, safety was one of the KPIs in our management incentives. As of 2021, additional sustainability KPIs are progressively being incorporated into our senior management incentives. For further information, please refer to “Senior Management Sustainability Incentives” in the Sustainability Report 2021.

Division-level implementation

Based on the Group's and Business Areas’ policies and procedures, each Division has developed its own sustainability governance and organizational model, suited to its operational approach. In some Divisions, a network of “sustainability champions” was formed and cross-Division workstreams have been created to ensure alignment and the sharing of best practices and to coordinate sustainability programs.